Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata: Company results and deployment examples

Presented By:

Brandon Brown

Session Abstract:

Toyota Kata addresses the question “How can we lead our companies so they will survive and thrive in the long term?” Since the future lies beyond what we can see, the solutions that we employ today may not continue to be effective. So it is not the solutions themselves – whether Lean techniques, today’s profitable product, or any other – that provide sustained competitive advantage, but rather the ability to understand conditions and create fitting, smart solutions. Toyota Kata is the routine to develop this capability in the organization, and is both a key factor in Toyota’s long-running success and a core responsibility of its leadership.

  • Understand the Toyota Kata methodologies regarding:
    • The Improvement Kata: A scientific 4-step iterative PDCA routine that addresses only those obstacles on the path of a trajectory leading to the achievement of short term Target Conditions that are in line with a long term Vision/Challenge.
    • The Coaching Kata: A daily routine utilizing 5 Coaching Kata Questions to help teach the Improvement Kata thinking pattern and ensure it is imbedded within an organization via team accountability.
  • Recognize the value of the Coaching Kata Methodology (i.e., how the Value Adders, Learner and 1st and 2nd Coaches interact) via the 5 Toyota Kata Questions
  • Gain a continuous improvement view of how the Toyota Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata can be used to help enhance a learning and problem solving environment at the shop floor level as well as in transactional office processes.
  • Learn how other companies such as La-Z-Boy, Rockline Industries, Darby Equipment, and others achieve results and learnings from deploying Toyota Kata in manufacturing

Envision how this methodology could help your organization through an interactive Q & A session

About the Facilitator:

Brandon Brown, P.E., is an Associate and Kata Coach with the W3Group, LLC.  He has led several Toyota Kata and Kaizen improvement initiatives is his 20 year career.  He currently teaches graduate level courses at the University of Arkansas in Operations Management. Prior to joining AMS, he launched several new products throughout his career and started two manufacturing facilities.  He advanced through management leadership at Central States Mfg, as Regional Operations Manager, managing three facilities in the Eastern Region, which serves 16 midwest and southeastern states.  He led a team for site selection of their two recent plant expansions in the southeast from 2006 through 2010. Brandon served on the Governor’s Workforce Development Taskforce, Region IV, for the State of Alabama.  His project management career includes over $15M in expansion and cost reduction initiatives.  His passion remains in developing people to succeed with Innovation, Continuous Improvement, and Leadership.