Implementing TWI: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Presented By:

Jason Price & Jon Taylor

Session Abstract:

Many companies are hearing about TWI and how it can provide great fundamental skills that compliment Lean Manufacturing.  After performing some research a lot of companies start out with JI and form a plan to start implementing it into their business.  These initial efforts usually result in failure.  Reasons include no formal training on the proper way to write Job Breakdown Sheets, lack of support by leadership, lack of training and/or proper follow up with their designated JI trainers, and trying to implement in too many areas at once.  In this session we will share our story of the failures encountered in our initial implementation efforts and how we eventually focused our efforts to start seeing results.  These results include safer ergonomics, production gains through shortened training times, and how we use JI as a tool to correct and improve quality issues related to training.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • How to avoid mistakes in initial implementation efforts
  • How to get leadership support at the beginning of implementation
  • How to Successfully develop JIT Session instructors
  • How to focus implementation efforts on the production floor

About the Facilitator:

Jason Price

Jason’s manufacturing background began with working 12 years in a lumber mill, starting at ground level and working up into supervision, and then spending the last 6 years for CCI/Speer in a supervisory role.  He began his lean journey with CCI/Speer in 2009 and greatly enjoys employing the Servant Leadership philosophy that he has been taught there.  After taking a JIT class from Don Dinero to be developed as a TWI coach Jason recognized how fundamental it was and that it was something he greatly wanted to implement at CCI/Speer.  He began working toward that end and was certified as a JIT Instructor by Don Dinero in May of 2014.  Jason currently spends 100% of his time at CCI/Speer in a TWI role.  This includes giving JIT classes and working with the various department trainers to use and train according to JIT principles.  He also uses JIT to develop Job Breakdown Sheets as a problem solving tool for issues that are related to training.

Jon Taylor

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