75 years of TWI at IBM

Presented By:

Jeff Maling & Carla Cordero Wuthrich

 Session Abstract:

TWI Job Instructions is a critical skill for creating stability in any company’s culture.

Investing in standards and an optimal training methodology eliminates waste, increases safety for our people and products and reduces defects.

Traditional TWI training consists of a 10 hour class which introduces the 4 step method and how to break down a job into Major Steps, Key Points, and Reasons Why.

While the 10 hour class is critical to introducing Job Instructions concepts and skills, we’ve found that it’s not nearly enough to create sustainable skills for our trainers.

Join us in this session to learn how to create a TWI refresher course, KPI’s, and trainer skills to successfully sustain standardized training using the TWI Job Instructions 4 step method.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • Use TWI Job Instructions exercises to test a trainers knowledge of TWI JI principles
  • Move your trainers knowledge of TWI Job Instructions to an applied skill through coaching
  • Use KPI’s to measure your progress

About the Facilitator:

Jeff Maling is an Advisory Engineer at IBM’s semiconductor facility near Burlington, VT. Jeff and his team are responsible for bringing new semiconductor products from the technology development phase into volume manufacturing. Prior to his current product development role, Jeff was a founding member of IBM’s Lean Core Team for the semiconductor manufacturing team in Vermont.

Jeff has been a facilitator, instructor, and coach in all phases of IBM’s lean transformation program. He is a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute, and received lean training Toyota Supplier Support Center, the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC), and several LEI faculty members.

With Jeff’s guidance, IBM developed a simple approach to lean, with a central focus on problem solving culture, and application of strategy deployment to clarify purpose and priorities, and strengthening of standard work to stabilize and improve service to clients.

Jeff holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is a proud IBM Innovator with numerous patents and publications.


Carla Cordero Wuthrich, Lean Transformation Leader for IBM’s Microelectronics Division, began her career at IBM as a manufacturing process engineer in the early 90’s.  Her position and her experience in technology development, integration and transfer, capacity and business planning, strategy deployment, leadership development and management provides opportunities to learn from and influence operators and executives within the same day. Over the last decade, actively developing a strong Network of Lean Practitioners that challenges and supports development, production, supply chain, quality assurance, reliability and diagnostics has been a rewarding and powerful accomplishment. Carla holds 6 patents in process technology but is currently focusing on developing the people and processes that understand and deliver value.