Lean Coaching: The Human Aspect

Presented By:

John Vellema

Session Abstract:

How can it be, that even if management wants to implement Lean, it is so hard to make it part of the daily routines for the leaders and workforce? What needs to be done, for it to become part of the daily routines in the organization? What can we do, to think about the human side of Lean, when we want to change an organization with a Lean transformation? How can we coach our organizations, so they remove their anxiety and defenses, and thereby can use all the energy that is in the feelings that are underneath?

How can it be, that a leader that knows all the Lean tools and Methods – has a so difficult time, in transforming it into his/her leadership style? What is holding him/her back?

This is where HR comes into the picture, whit their HR competences in understanding the human aspect in the Lean Transformation, with focus on creating more a gentle change.

This session will contain learning’s from John Vellema experience (company case studies and coaching sessions with leaders) from working with these elements of unleashing the energy, that holds a organization or a leader back from taking responsibility for the transformation – they want to make!

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • How defense and anxiety can slow down your Lean implementation
  • How you can work with organizational defenses and anxiety when implementing Lean, and thereby release the energy to be proactive with your implementation.
  • How defense and anxiety can stop a leader in performing lean leadership, even if he has knowledge about the Lean tools and methods.
  • How you can overcome your own defense and anxiety, and thereby get the energy to take responsibility in becoming a better Lean leader.


About the Facilitator:

John started his career as a toolmaker within injection molding. This deeply rooted hands-on knowledge working and understanding life on the shop floor developed an appreciation for what was needed for good employee development and supervisory – employee relations.

John served in the Danish Army where his last position was First Class Sergeant for a recon section stationed in Kosovo. After his army career John earned an engineering degree in Manufacturing and Management, at the University of Southern Denmark.  John joined the LEGO Group in 2007 participating in the Supply Chain Graduate Program. In combination with years of coaching teams under the Danish Association of Rowing, the obvious choice was to start as project leader and concept developer. Starting in 2009 and throughout the following three years, time was spent on the development and implementation of the Global Job Training Organization at LEGO. This TWI JI project was extremely successful and generated so much global acclaim, John co-authored the book ”Building a Global Learning Organization: Using TWI to Succeed with Strategic Workforce Expansion in the LEGO Group”.  In 2012 John choose to leave the LEGO group, in order to work as an external advisor and coach within TWI, Lean and HR. He has quickly developed a reputation as a well-liked and thoughtful trusted advisor to many companies, helping them reach their business objectives through their people. In 2013 John and his organization, BusinessThroughPeople, became an official Global Partner of the TWI Institute known as the TWI Institute – Scandinavia covering Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and the TWI Institute Switzerland. John is trained in Job Instruction and Job Relations and completed his Job Instruction Master Trainer training in January 2015.

In 2013, John Vellema joined a 2-year, evidence based coaching education in Instant Dynamic Coaching. This method is developed by Dr. Laura Mott and Dr. Patricia Coughlin. It is based on Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and their organizational psychology practices.