Tear Away from Your Old Approach to Lean Training!

Presented By:

Katie Labedz

 Session Abstract:

Do you have some Lean training for your employees and are seeing some changes, but not quite what you were looking for (or promised your boss)?

How do you move beyond training to applying and really seeing tangible results?

How do you take Lean to the next level within your organization?  Apply it!  Lean can feel like alphabet soup, especially in a non-manufacturing environment/department.  Come learn about the TEAR approach: training, empowerment, action, reward…tear away from your old approach to training!

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • the components to creating successful Lean training
  • how to empower your organization that is now armed with new knowledge of Lean concepts
  • how to create an environment to allow employees to apply what they have learned
  • how important rewards are in the process of transforming your organization to a Lean organization


About the Facilitator:

Katie has been practicing Lean and Six Sigma concepts for the past 19 years.  She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Project Management Professional.  She has a diverse background that includes manufacturing, materials, supply chain and IT in the automotive and electronics industries.  Katie has spent the last eleven years of her career focusing on how to teach people the application of Lean/Six Sigma concepts in a non-manufacturing environment.  Katie embraces Jean Cunningham’s concept of making it her professional goal to expose the genius in all of her students.  She is an active member of ASQ, participating as a judge for the past two years in the preliminary round of the International Team Excellence Awards.  She is also responsible for continuous Improvement in the IT organization at Plexus Corp.