Using Principles to Build a Culture of Enterprise Excellence

Presented By:

Bob Miller

 Session Abstract:

Mr. Miller will share what he has learned over many years about how the principles of Enterprise Excellence shape our thinking and our behaviors.  In particular Bob will discuss the implications for leaders for how to deeply embed the principle into every corner of your organization.  Building organizational culture is deeply personal.  He will share some of the most difficult personal struggles most leaders must face to acknowledge their own shortcomings relative to the ideal behaviors that flow from the principles.

About the Facilitator:

Robert D. Miller is the Founder, President, and Principal Advisor for Arches Leadership.  Arches Leadership is a Licensed Shingo Affiliate and an Independent Advisor/Consultancy.  Robert acts as a master teacher to organizations world-wide on building cultures of sustainable excellence based on principles.  Through his highly engaging teaching style, the best companies discover new paradigms that enable seeing and achieving greater potential.

Robert Miller, as Executive Director of the Shingo Institute, located at Utah State University, was the driving force in the development of the Shingo Model. Robert’s vision and leadership transformed the Shingo Prize into the internationally recognized research, executive education and recognition-oriented Shingo Institute.  During his tenure, the standard set for Shingo Prize recipients became the highest in the world.  This expectation has exponentially expanded the influence of the Shingo Institute in global markets.  Mr. Miller has worked closely with the leadership teams of dozens of the world’s leading companies and led many study missions to Japan, China, Europe, Mexico and the United States.  Robert directed the establishment of an affiliate strategy that is carrying the Shingo Institute to many new parts of the world.  His influence brought new insight into the complex role of leaders.  He guided the development of products and services for executive education that are based on universal principles of Enterprise Excellence.

During his career, Robert’s initiative kept him in the forefront of major management and business innovations.  He has been a leader in the application of information and process technology to business, with special emphasis on leadership implications for senior executives.  Mr. Miller gained experience as both a practitioner and senior executive in some of America’s most highly regarded companies; including Deere and Company, Herman Miller, Inc. and the Gates Rubber Company.  Prior to his association with The Shingo Institute, he was a partner in a global business-consulting firm where he advised leadership teams in Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Mr. Miller continues at Arches Leadership, as a pioneer, by shifting organizational focus from primarily being tool,  event and program-based, to fundamentally transforming organizational culture based on a deep understanding and personal commitment to the principles that create enterprise excellence.