Coaching Lean, or Lean Coaching?

Presented By:

Jamie Flinchbaugh

Session Abstract:

This will be a case study discussion on the relationship between a coach and coachee. You will be given a pre-work case study to read upon arrival to the conference, and Jamie Flinchbaugh will lead a discussion of the case on Friday. In the discussion, we will explore the key characteristics of being an effective lean coach. We will connect lean tools and methods to be integrated into the coaching process. We will share tips and techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of coaching conversations. And finally, we will articulate a vision of the coach’s mindset.

Presenter Bio:

Jamie Flinchbaugh is a lean author, speaker, and advisor. He co-founded the Lean Learning Center and co-authored The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean. He has advised companies such as Intel, Harley-Davidson, Crayola, BMW, and Jamie continues to share his experiences as a Contributing Editor for IndustryWeek and blogger at He has helped build nearly 20 companies as either a co-founder, board member, advisor, or angel investor. These companies range from high-performance motorcycles to SaaS tools for continuous improvement. He holds degrees from Lehigh University, MIT, and the University of Michigan, and continues to teach and mentor on campus