Increasing Employee Engagement and Leadership Accountability via Job Instruction and the Job Instruction Training Timetable

Presented By:

Mitchell Ingram

Session Abstract:

This session will focus on the utilization of TWI Job Instruction as much more than a tool for training new employees but rather as a complete personnel management and improvement system, an objective evaluation and improvement system benefitting all employees as well as their supervisors.   Utilizing the Job Instruction Training Timetable, Job Instruction breakdowns and a pro-active approach to employee engagement along with Counseling for Performance you can turn your culture around much faster and with greater results that “stick” better than ever before.

About the Facilitator:

Currently President of TWI Training Solutions Inc., Mitchell has more than 30 years of leadership, management and continuous improvement experience.  Upon realization that the original TWI programs would be crucial in assisting organizations win the global economic fight for survival he left a C-level manufacturing management position and founded TWI Training Solutions, Inc.

As President of a veteran owned, veteran operated business, he and his team of certified instructors know that the real challenge for organizations is in providing exceptional Leadership, substantive Training and personal, organizational, and process Discipline.  Prevent, or correct personnel and process related problems by utilizing the TWI Program, along with appropriate Lean tools, in dynamic TWI deployment model.  He and his team have delivered TWI training to thousands of leaders at hundreds of companies.