Getting Results Through People; As a Manager you Have no Choice

Presented By:

Oscar Roche

 Session Abstract:

From the JR model, there is clear logic that as a manager you have absolutely no choice but to get your results through people.  This became even clearer to me when asked about 2 months ago by a frustrates (then) Site Manager “did I know of any manager’s job in the world that did not have people reporting to it?  If so, I want it.”

S0, you now have two choices.  Continue with the potential risk of frustration, or do something.  Not know something, do something.  The JR Foundations provide the ideal starting point.  They cover the fundamentals of building leadership and respect based on action.  With the Foundations planted (not necessarily embedded yet), there is an increase on return on further investment in key skills such as the ability to instruct and the ability to problem solve.

 Specific Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • the clear logic contained in the Job Relations model that points to effective leadership being fundamental to success, and unavoidable.
  • Why the JR 4 Foundations of Good Relations are a brilliant starting point, and how they can be applied
  • Of the application of JR with Executive Management
  • Of the case studies of “results through people”:
    • Using TWI to:
      • Via JR, further build engagement at a dairy plant
      • Via JR build the effectiveness of Frontline leaders at a Shire (County) council in achieving operational results
      • Via JR and JI principles, build the content of a Supervisors Role Agreement
  • Using JI to reduce “ROI Drop” in a $100M plant commissioning

About the Facilitator:

Oscar has a manufacturing background having worked in operations management with Fonterra, Golden Circle, and Mildura Fruit Juices.  He started his own business in 2000 and now works with Ben Chopping and 4 others in building the capability of people in reaching operational goals.  Oscar was trained by the TWI Institute in 2010 and has facilitated application of TWI skills with South Australian Health, DeBortoli Wines, Tatura Milk Industries, Warburn Estate, Vitasoy Australia, McWilliams Wines and others.  The basic leadership of skills, JI ad JR in particular, are now foundational to most improvement projects that Oscar facilitates no matter the industry or business.