The Manager’s Role in Developing People

with Capability for Lean

Presented By:

David Verble

Session Abstract:

There is a growing concern about sustaining lean improvements. How to maintain the gains from improvement efforts and build on them is the burning question for many organizations. Lean coordinators and facilitators and kaizen teams are invaluable resources for implementing lean and leading kaizen events. In a lean system it is, however, the role of the line manager to build performance capability.  That includes creating an environment in which employees are able and willing to contribute to stability and improvement through problem solving in the scope of their jobs.  This workshop will examine a core practice from Toyota in which managers help develop employees capable of lean thinking and problem solving.

This workshop will introduce the concept of a Development-through-the-Job.  It will examine the role lean managers have in people development and their responsibility for creating an environment for learning through experience.  The process steps and activities in the process of Developing-through-the-Job will be described and demonstrated.  The session will also examine the two core capabilities people need to contribute in a lean operation and how their managers can help them develop those capabilities through their jobs.

Through a combination of observations, descriptions, examples, exercises and discussions participants will explore and experience the following topics:

  • Why developing employees through their jobs is important in lean
  • Why developing people must start with giving them responsibility
  • How developing people is a kind of problem solving
  • How developing people involves helping them become more aware
  • Why developing people depends on getting them to reflect

Participants will also have the opportunity to apply the basic thinking of the Development-through-the-Job process to create a capability building plan for a direct report or work associate.  They should come with a person whose performance is important to their success in mind.

About the Facilitator:

David applied his organizational skills at Toyota’s Georgetown, KY, plant where he worked in management and organizational development during the facility’s startup phase and beyond. During his 10 years at Toyota, David became the manager of Human Resource Development at Georgetown and then manager of Human Resource Development for North American Manufacturing at Toyota’s manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger, KY. Before his tenure at Toyota, David was responsible for organizational development as assistant to the Dean of the College of Education, University of Kentucky. He currently aids companies implementing lean through Lean Transformations Group.