P.F.E.P.  Plan-for-Every-Person: A Lean Leader’s Guide to Creating an Engaged Lean Enterprise 

Presented By:

Sam MacPherson

Session Abstract:

“My boss at Kamigo (Toyota’s Engine plant in Japan) used to keep a stack of 3”x5” cards in his desk with the name of everyone that reported to him on the card.  When I asked him about the cards, he said it was his P.F.E.P. Plan for Every Person.” Lean Leadership Academy Co-founder, Art Smalley.

“The PFEP or Plan for Every Person is where Lean Leadership, Lean HR leadership, and TWI connect! The Lean HR Leader is the Pacemaker for people development; however, we, as Lean Leaders, from the team leader to the CEO, are responsible for people development and must make it a priority; it is a fundamental value of the Toyota Way and the Lean Way. By creating a comprehensive, well thought-out Plan for Every Person that you are directly responsible for as a leader, you are living the pillar of Respect for People, lift the capability of the Lean enterprise, and light the pilot-light of a Lean Culture.”  Lean Leadership Academy Co-founder Sam MacPherson

More than any other management model, people development, is at the core of a Lean Management System and is a fundamental element of our “Toyota Way” values.

The PFEP or Plan for Every Person gives the Lean HR Leaders and Lean Leaders, at every level of the Lean Enterprise, a systematic approach to ignite their Lean Culture through a cross-trained, competent, confident, and engaged lean workforce.

In this session, Lean Leadership Academy Co-founder, Sam MacPherson, will share the PFEP approach that he and LLA co-founder Art Smalley created and use with their Lean Transformation clients to develop Lean Leaders and Team Members, alike.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  1. The Role of HR Leaders and Organizational Lean Leaders in developing and deploying the PFEP approach
  2. How to use Situational Leadership to develop your PFEP
  3. How to connect Lean Body of Knowledge, Toyota Way, House of TPS as core components of your PFEP for Lean Leaders and Team Members
  4. How to use a TWI approach develop your PFEP
  5. How to close the Lean Leadership and Trade Skills Gap with “Critical Top-5” and “P.A.C.E. (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency) Plan” approach to your PFEP

About the Facilitator:

 Sam MacPherson is an internationally recognized Lean Leadership and Lean Enterprise Transformation expert and has dedicated over 28 years to developing organizational leaders, senior leadership teams, and designing lean enterprise management systems. Following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Sam was recalled to active military service to serve as the Director of Special Operations Plans for the Elite United States Army Special Forces (The Green Berets) during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Sam was introduced to the Toyota Production System and the Shingo method in the mid-1980’s, while serving as the project leader for Dr. Shigeo Shingo. Sam led industry award winning Lean Transformations as a plant manager for Crown Cork and Seal. As Director of Lean Operations and Marine Industry Executive Vice-President of Operations, Sam led Lean Transformations across the enterprise in manufacturing operations, sales, engineering, product development, supply-chain, and the C-Suite. Sam retired in 2004 as the Special Forces Director of Training and private sector operational leadership in 2007.   In 2011, Mr. MacPherson was inspired by his friend and mentor Russ Scaffede, retired Toyota Vice President to co-found the Lean Leadership Academy® with TPS expert Art Smalley. The Lean Leadership Academy helps organizations develop their organizational leadership pipeline and properly implement TPS as a comprehensive system to achieve business and organizational excellence.


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