How a Manufacturing Professional Learned NEW Lessons in Healthcare

Presented By:

Skip Steward

Session Abstract:

After decades of working in manufacturing, Skip Steward made new discoveries about standard work when he transferred to the healthcare industry to introduce Lean practice into Baptist Memorial Health Care, a network of 14 hospitals in the Memphis and surrounding area. It was there he was introduced to TWI and he quickly realized the power of good training practice in the healthcare field. As we have learned from the Ebola scare, the existence of “best practice” protocols and guidelines does not necessarily mean healthcare workers are properly trained to perform them and, even then, variation in actual practice creates gaps in care that can lead to tragic results.

In this session Steward will relate how he has applied insights he learned in the manufacturing setting to the healthcare industry and the difficulties and challenges he has faced along the way. He will show how TWI enabled hospital staff to recognize the importance of standard work with specific examples where effective training created exemplary results. In doing so, he will also demonstrate why Lean practice is a universal language that can cut across all industries to create motivated workers taking charge of their work.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • how TWI Job Instruction is being conducted at Baptist Memorial Health Care and the tremendous effect it is having on standard work from basic nurse room rounding to infection control
  • how TWI can drive standard work at the GEMBA with actual examples of Job Instruction Breakdowns and working Training Timetables
  • how TWI is the ultimate demonstration of “Respect Every Individual” and why this is a foundation of Lean practice in any organization
  • to deal with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) vs. Job Instruction Breakdowns (JIBs) and why this distinction is so important in any field, but especially healthcare

About the Facilitator:

Skip Steward is a results-oriented, award-winning leader with a track record of delivering significant contributions to the bottom line, while increasing employee performance and improving productivity.  He has experience in a diverse set of industries including automotive, machining, food, process, service and health care. Steward is a Shingo Examiner for the Shingo Institute and a few of the many certifications he holds includes:  Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Lean Champion, Certified Quality Management Systems Auditor (Exemplar Global), and TWI Job Instruction Certified Trainer.