Gemline’s HR Continuous Improvement Journey: Putting the Power of Lean to Work

Presented By:

Susan Kamacho

 Session Abstract:

Are we really going to let manufacturing folks participate in all the fun?  THEY are getting great results utilizing Lean – what about Human Resources gaining results!!  Typically, Human Resources is the sponsor of Lean transformation in an organization.  Yet, the tools & philosophies are just as applicable in HR as within other functional areas.  Come hear our story as our HR team went from promoter, to culture transformer, to the benefactor of Lean tools.  Through the foundation of our Gem Performance System (GPS) we have been able to convert our organization of independent departments into an interdepartmental value stream.  Examples include: our visual culture driver, the GPS House; utilization of TWI as our training mechanism; a Performance Appraisal system centered on Lean; the HR team’s utilization of VSM to streamline and enhance our Onboarding process; utilization of A3s to fulfill our Hoshin goals; & our Idea Generation System that spurs employee engagement.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • how the focus of employee engagement is pivotal in Lean transformation
  • how defining your vision visually leads the path for improvement
  • how to utilize VSM, Kaizen and A3s to achieve Human Resource goals
  • how to create a Performance Appraisal system driven by a Lean culture

About the Facilitator:

Susan is the HR Business Partner Manager at Gemline’s company headquarters in Lawrence, MA.  Susan has been actively engaged in continuous improvement efforts throughout her career, especially from the training and development perspective.  She is a certified ATD trainer and professional coach.  She has assisted in valuing company cultures as strong engagement communities.  Susan and the HR team at Gemline have moved Human Resources to the forefront in the administrative organization by implementing Lean tools into their daily activities as well as strategic goals.