TWI & Wellbeing: The secret to success, health, wealth & happiness.  

Presented By:

Lou Flaspohler

Session Abstract:

Having first been exposed to what would eventually be defined as Lean organizations in the 1980s, for decades I have been fascinated by organizations which have pulled ahead of and maintained a significant and often times ever increasing lead over their peers. Almost always, these organizations eventually have the term “purpose driven” applied to them. So for decades the question in my mind had been, “what is the purpose of purpose driven organizations?”.

As I dove deeper into this question and the question of why so many companies fail at Lean, I came to realize that those fundamentals which lead to success in these organizations are the same fundamentals that lead to well-being in the individual, families and communities. In this talk I will explore the nutrients which I believe lead to success…health, wealth and happiness.

About the Facilitator:

Lou Flaspohler, MD, is a practicing rheumatologist in Cincinnati, OH, serving as the Division Head of Rheumatology at The Christ Hospital. He graduated with a B.A. in Communications Arts and Marketing from Xavier University and obtained his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Cincinnati. Following his medical school training, Dr. Flaspohler completed an Internal Medicine residency at The Christ Hospital and a Rheumatology Fellowship at Indiana University at the medical campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has a strong interest in servant leadership and a passion for improving the lives of his patients and community.