Strengthen Your Success Through Seven Principles of Lean HR

Presented By:

Cheryl Jekiel

Session Abstract:

The success of HR within an organization can be greatly enhanced by applying lean human resources principles to the work. Many HR Professionals want to continue to contribute more to the organization’s they support and are looking for ways to better apply their skills and abilities. The principles of Lean Human Resources can be a tremendous resources for strengthening how you approach your work.

This session outlines the seven key principles of Lean Human Resources including Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Broad Participation, Process Management, Team Based Problem Solving, Visual Management and Inspirational Inspirational Leadership. The session provides at least two ways to apply each of the seven Lean HR Principles in your work. The session also includes what benefits you’ll find from applying these principles on a day to day basis and how over time you’ll be amazed at how much more success you’ll have in your work..

About the Facilitator:

Cheryl Jekiel brings a tremendous passion for continuous improvement in her commitment to building Lean HR as a recognized field of work. She has over 20 years of manufacturing experience. Previously, Ms. Jekiel worked for a Chicago food manufacturer as the director of Human Resources and completed her employment by serving for five years as the Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Jekiel has developed an expertise in Lean manufacturing with a particular focus on Lean cultures. Ms. Jekiel has made countless significant improvements in reducing operating costs and leveraging a Lean culture to obtain new business. Her Lean experience has been greatly enhanced with her active involvement with the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME), which has included board roles for the National board as well as a Regional Midwest Board.