Human Resources, Promoting a Problem Solving Culture Through Effective Team Member Onboarding

Presented By:

Ernest Kandilige

Co-Presented by:

Bruce Lawson

Session Abstract:

Terex Aerial Work Platforms is a global leader in the manufacture of Aerial Work Platforms. At Terex, we recognize that developing a skilled workforce starts with deployment of a Team Member value stream. We have designed a process to achieve a continuous improvement culture by connecting, engaging, growing and appreciating our Team Members. Terex Aerial Work Platforms Foundations is an innovative onboarding process that enables us to responsibly engage new and continuing Team Members in our work place.

The Terex Operating System is modeled after the Toyota Production System principles. We employ improvement tools in our operations to drive efficiency in our production and business processes. Team Member development is a core competency of our organization and the Terex Operating System team strives to lead the creation of a learning organization through active Team Member development.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • How to initiate Problem Solving culture in your organization
  • The critical elements that support a Problem Solving Culture in your organization
  • Ways Human Resources can influence leadership to embrace Problem Solving culture
  • Introduce 5 Whys iterative questioning techniques during basic skill training

About the Facilitator:

Ernest Kandilige is an advocate for Team Member development. He currently serves as a versatile training leader creating and supporting training initiatives at Terex Aerial Work Platforms. Ernest started his career at Genie Industries now Terex Aerial Work Platforms, as a shop floor Production Specialist. He learned the practical application of continuous improvement tools from Lean leaders within Terex and outside consulting firms such as Shingijutsu teachings. As a curious learner, he benchmarks other successful companies on Human Resources development efforts and adapts key learnings to his work at Terex. Ernest later carved a career in manufacturing as a Human Resources professional with a focus on Learning and Development. Ernest studied at the University of Washington where he earned a Bachelors of Arts with a major in Global Studies. His current focus is looking for opportunities to enhance Team Member onboarding in the workplace that promotes a problem solving culture.

Bruce Lawson has been a Lean manufacturing leader, consultant, executive coach, and teacher for more than 20 years working with manufacturing and administrative teams to improve utilizing the principles and tools of the Toyota Production System. During his career, which spans work for Boeing Commercial Airplane Company and Genie Industries (a Terex Company), Bruce has led over 150 kaizen events. He has also received invaluable training and guidance from Shingijutsu Consulting, whose leaders trace their lineage directly to Taiichi Ohno and the Toyota Autonomous Study group. This training has included multiple trips to Japan to study shop floor kaizen and 3P methods. Bruce also has led multiple executive study missions to Japan, and for the last several years, he has directed the Kaizen Promotions Office (KPO) for Terex Aerial Work platforms. Bruce has had the opportunity to see first-hand, the power of improvement within a company when people are first trained properly as they join a team. The adoption of TWI/JI methods has become a key implementation and team member development tool during this time.