ABCs of Leadership to Execute Change

Presented By:

Jeff Adams

Session Abstract:

70% of all change fails – and the single largest reason is leader behavior.

Discover strategies for reshaping leader behaviors, the overwhelmingly-most-neglected factor in transformation and the single largest cause of failure.

Canadian Pacific has been transforming to a high-performance culture through specific leader behaviors which deliver compliance, employee engagement and continuously improving business results.

Whether you are an HR, Lean or line leader, this session will give you meaningful insights and guidance to help with your own challenges of driving compliance, or executing and successfully sustaining improvement.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn:

  • The “ABC” of human behavior and the powerful link between behavior and consequences, and why it is critically important.
  • How feedback reinforces desired behavior, leader and employee performance, and what is effective feedback and consequences.
  • What core leader behaviors create high-performing culture and business results, and how is that different from most typical leaders.
  • How a “real world” success has been engineered to deliver these behaviors, business results, and reshape culture for sustainment.


About the Facilitator:

Jeff Adams is Managing Director, Consequence Leadership for Canadian Pacific Railway, and leads corporate-wide leadership behaviour coaching.

In nearly 34 years with CP and as an executive in Operations, Marketing & Sales and Human Resources, Jeff has led numerous change initiatives, earning CP the INFORMS’ Franz Edelman Award for 2003, creating CP’s continuous improvement program and earning Lean Sensei’s Sponsor of the Year for 2010.

Sharing knowledge from these experiences is a passion for Jeff. He is regularly sought out by CP customers and other organizations seeking a successful transformation, and as a conference speaker on continuous improvement and leadership behavior.