Toyota Kata – Cloyes Gear Case study

Presented By:

John Brandt

Session Abstract:

My session will focus on the Cloyes journey, from how and why we chose Kata through present day. The starting point will briefly cover our current state when we began and the tipping point(s) that led us to Kata—our story is one of a successful company that had built a strong CI culture and results, but could see we were not thoroughly engaging the workforce and making CI a seamless part of our daily work life.

I will discuss how we implemented Kata, the structure, the roll out, the required support.

Finally – The story will be supported by actual events, and some very good bottom line results. I’ll give some specific examples of some PDCA’s our teams did to get results and some lessons learned that come from top leadership & Kata practioners. I will end with a look at the future of Kata at Cloyes and open for questions

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…

  • Why Cloyes implemented Toyota Kata.
  • How to implement – The keys to a successful Kata implementation.
  • How Kata brings transformational change to the operating culture and bottom line results.
  • Some important “lessons learned” from the Cloyes Kata journey.

About the Facilitator:

John Brandt is the Vice President of Quality & Continuous Improvement for Cloyes Gear & Products, Inc., and is responsible for the quality performance of six plants. Cloyes, headquartered in Fort Smith, AR, is a high volume producer of powertrain components supplied to major automotive OEMS in a highly competitive global market and the leading supplier to the automotive aftermarket.

John has been with Cloyes for 28 years holding positions of Controller, Director of Operations and VP of Operations. He holds a BS degree in both accounting and economics from the Ohio State University.

For the past 10 years, John has focused his efforts on strategic planning, leadership development and bringing best practices to the Cloyes organization. He has helped lead the Cloyes team to implement world class processes and techniques to continually improve performance and grow the business, year after year. Under John, the quality performance at Cloyes has excelled. Cloyes has been recognized and received top quality awards by major OEMs, such as General Motors, Nissan and other major customers.

John is a six sigma master black belt. He has led many continuous improvement teams for both process and systems improvements. He enjoys teaching, mentoring, and developing young talent and learning from others as well.