Building the Bridge to Organizational Transformation

Presented By:

Kate Selbie

Session Abstract:

Have you ever wondered why, despite all of your hard work, significant investment in planning and the seeming buy-in of all concerned, change efforts stall or never really progress beyond the exciting kick-off?

Do you ever wish you could uncover the root of the issue of change initiative failure rates and resolve it, once and for all?

Have you ever wanted more knowledge, process and tools that would help you and your team beat the dismal stats pertaining to change? (over 70% of all change efforts fail)?

If you answered, “Yes” to even one of those questions, this session is for you.

Join Kate Selbie as she shares Cogent’s learning from the front-lines. This is a working session. You will not only hear Cogent’s story but be able to begin using some of the learning and methodology that Cogent has used to successfully implement this transformation. You will leave with the beginnings of a plan that addresses root cause barriers to give you a head start when you return to your own businesses.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • How to diagnose the root cause of why change efforts stall or fail.
  • A new approach to planning that puts implementation front and centre.
  • How to engage leaders and influencers at all levels to ensure that over time, deep change is embraced across all functional areas and levels within your business, resulting in transformation.
  • How to use a new methodology and tools by starting to create your own implementation plans.

About the Facilitator:

Kate Selbie is a transformational leader with a unique approach to creating workplaces where people feel inspired, excited about stepping into challenges, and motivated to connect with and realize their full potential.

To date in her career, Kate has brought her blend of Human Resources, Communications and Marketing experience to companies in telecommunications, construction, and manufacturing. As an entrepreneur in her own start up communications and media company, Kate had the opportunity to help her many clients articulate their vision, create their path, and tell their story.

Now the Organizational Development Leader at Cogent Power Inc in Canada, Kate is spearheading the continued efforts of a nearly 10-year long transformational journey from an “old school” manufacturing structure and culture, to a company that has achieved outstanding results by embracing a culture of true people-centric leadership, Lean thinking and practices.

Kate is deeply passionate about next generation manufacturing, transforming organizations, and “blowing up” traditional functional HR practices, allowing a human development mindset to emerge.