Aligning the People Systems for Transformation

Presented By:

Kathi Hanley

Session Abstract:

This session will focus on how to identify the People’s Systems that need to be reviewed and improved to reinforce the Lean Transformation. We all learned in business school that our People are our greatest resource, but how HR operates in the organization may not always reinforce that concept.

This session will give participants a model for evaluating which components of the People System need improvement and how to prioritize the improvements for greatest impact in transforming to a Continuous Improvement culture.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • How the Lean Employee Life Cycle functions
  • How to analyze your People Systems and identify improvements
  • What actions to take to begin improvement of your People Systems

About the Facilitator:

Kathi Hanley is a unique consultant that has actually been there and understands the scope of change that must happen in an organization to successfully drive improvement. She has successfully implemented Performance Management, Compensation, Recruiting, Selection, Retention and Succession Planning Systems to drive and sustain organizational change and operational effectiveness. Kathi combines her knowledge of lean manufacturing gleaned from thirteen years at Toyota, consulting experience from Fortune 500 companies, and executive officer experience at a public company, to advising clients. This combination of experience means that Kathi has actually done it, not just talked about it and she brings this perspective to every client engagement.