Late Night Geek Fest

Presented By:

Mark Warren

Session Abstract:

Geek Fest GraphicsThe tradition continues…from 6 pm until…

Open evening session where Mark Warren brings in his latest research related to the TWI programs.

All of lean thinking can be reduced to a handful of principles that began to emerge 200 years ago and have continued to evolve. Doubling production of an organization is the easy part…we must understand the larger picture and how it affects out production system.

Discussion to include:

There will be an abbreviated presentation of a 2-Day workshop that details the larger picture surrounding the successful production systems. Q&A will be taken during the presentation.

Taiichi Ohno used the TWI programs as the foundation to build the Toyota Production System, but few look beyond the heart of the production system to the adjacent areas that affect the performance of the organization.

Followed by an open forum to discuss anything related to TWI.

Presenter Bio:

Mark Warren has 30 years of experience working with a broad range of companies to improve their manufacturing productivity and quality.

Establishing an independent consultancy in 2002, he provides advisory services to management in cooperative projects at various client, supplier and customer facilities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

As a result of his extensive research of the TWI programs in the National Archives and private collections around the world, he has edited and authored several TWI related books.