Practical Uses of Job Relations

Presented By:

Tom Albrecht & Colin Rusel

Session Abstract:

Six years into a successful Lean journey, ATC leaders desired to build on existing Lean education and TWI. Lean initiatives were too often managed from the top without enough reach into the organization. With TWI foundations in place, a new Lean Management System was implemented to take Lean to the next level.

TWI began with JR (job relations) and JI (job instruction). After two years of application TWI tools had plateaued. Something holistic was needed to sustain lean improvement. A new structure for leadership and communication was implemented to fully benefit from existing Lean tools, including TWI.

In this session you will…

  1. Examine the impact of exceptionally detailed standard work
  2. Discover what JR can bring to a Lean Management System
  3. Witness how JR can stimulate PDCA activity
  4. Learn how JR informs the development of people every day

Aluminum Trailer Company has implemented Lean accounting, Kanban, 5S, Kaizen events, TWI and divided into six high performing value streams. Much of this Lean success had resulted from leader driven events and cooperation of staff willing to get on the bus. Today, a Lean Management System and Job Relations are central elements for developing people and driving continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  1. how to apply Job Relations to establish new patterns of communication.
  1. how Job Relations helps line leaders capture current state detail, uncovering waste.
  1. how Job Relations can foster discipline in small teams solving problems… every day.
  1. the benefit of TWI J-programs on the implementation of a Lean Management System and how the structure of this system enhances TWI effectiveness.

About the Facilitator:

As part of his role at Aluminum Trail Company (ATC) Tom Albrecht is helping to direct a companywide TWI initiative. Joining ATC in 2011 the TWI program was just beginning. Tom’s focus at ATC is to lead organization’s TWI program forming documentation and training foundations, communicate the value of TWI, build capability for lean improvement, and assist ATC to become more data driven. Before joining ATC, Tom served as an Account Manager and VP of Business Development for a company specializing in quality software. Tom has supported Enterprise wide software deployments, managed Fortune 500 accounts, developed new business, assisted international clients and presented at conferences and quality organizations. Tom holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Goshen College and a Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado.

Colin Rusel joined Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) in May of 2015 in the newly established role of Director of People Development. Driven by ATC’s True North guiding principle; Respect for People, the position is being built to provide tools, supports and motivation to all ATC employees. Much like lean production at ATC strives to find the best possible way for a trailer to make its way through the value stream, ATC People Development is dedicated to finding the best path for employees through the organization.

Colin has a Bachelor’s degree from Goshen College and brings a lifelong passion to learning and working with people.