TWI: Moving from Firefighting to Front Line Leader

Presented By:

Tyson Heaton

Session Abstract:

O.C. Tanner had been practicing TWI-JI for more than a decade, but by ignoring JM and JR, they were missing out on building the effectiveness of their frontline leaders. Is your organization missing out, too? Follow along on the continuing journey of O.C. Tanner’s expansion of its application of TWI to include JR and JM. Learn what works, what doesn’t, and what the results are so far. If you’re ready to transition your frontline firefighters into full-time teachers, improvers and leaders, don’t miss this candid look into the sometimes-messy but always energizing process of making a change. O.C. Tanner is the world’s leading “Appreciateology” company, which ships more than 15,000 custom employee-recognition gifts per day.


Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • How and why you need to move your organization beyond JI and invest time and resources in JM and JR
  • How to leverage JM to create operator standard work, taking over where JI tapers off
  • Strategies for improving organizational adoption of TWI and other lean methods
  • How to improve the adoption rate of TWI J programs beyond the classroom and into regular practice in the workplace

About the Facilitator:

Tyson Heaton holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Utah State University, and doesn’t “work at McDonalds with that degree”, despite the prediction of the ER doctor who performed his emergency appendectomy eight years ago. Instead, he leveraged his unique understanding of systems and how people operate within them into a career in continuous improvement. Tyson is currently the Manager of Lean/Continuous Improvement and Training at O.C. Tanner, which is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. He leads training departments, recruits and develops leaders, and works on lean implementation projects. His primary focus and passion is driving cultural change through leadership development. Tyson’s previous roles include Operations Manager and Continuous Improvement positions at multinational food giants Greencore, Schreiber Foods, and JBS.