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Toyota Talent: Developing Your People the Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker & David Meier
The TWI Workbook: Essential Skills for Supervisors by Patrick Graupp & Robert J. Wrona
Training Within Industry: The Foundation of Lean by Donald A. Dinero

Materials from TWI & Industrial Historian, Mark Warren


The Root of Lean, TWI: The Origin of Kaizen by Jim Huntzinger, TWI Summit Founder
The Training Within Industry Approach Resurges in the U.S. Workforce
by TWI Summit Presenter Denny Hall in ASTD’s T&D Magazine
Bringing Back Training Within Industry to U.S. Manufacturing and Business
by Jim Huntzinger
Roots of Lean TWI by Jim Huntzinger, TWI Summit Founder
Why Standard Work in not Standard by Jim Huntzinger, TWI Summit Founder
Lessons Learned: Training Within Industry (TWI) in the United States by Bob Wrona, TWI Institute
The Second Coming: TWI Primer by Dwayne Butcher, TWI Summit Founder
Training Within Industry: Everything Old is New Again by Jill Jusko
Training Within Industry: The J-Programs by Jill Jusko
Introducing Training Within Industry by Jill Jusko
Spanning the Functional Divide by Don Dinero
The Role of Front Line Ideas by Dean Schroeder and Alan Robinson
Takeaways from the 2014 TWI/HR Summit by Jaclyn Dorsey
Closing the Nation’s Skills Gap by Glenn Marshall

Articles by Art Smalley