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12-13 MAY 2016
San Antonio, TX

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TWI Summit Celebrates 10 Years!

The TWI Summit?10 years? In many ways I think we’re just getting started! The last decade saw the community move from “What is TWI?” to “How do we manage a corporate-wide, multi-facility rollout?” There’s no question that the thinking has matured… immensely!

It seems in that the lean community is primed for a new wave of TWI education. There’s a growing awareness about how “behaviors” (like those found in TWI) impact a lean “culture.”

So, what’s next for TWI?

  • Continued understanding of fundamental behaviors key to a lean organization.
  • Further implementation of the “other” J-programs, Job Methods and Job Relations.
  • The fusion of Toyota Kata with TWI.
  • HRs adoption of TWI as a workforce development tool.
  • TWI used in the development of lean coaches.
  • Lean Leadership’s adoption of TWI throughout the organization.
  • TWI in the office, healthcare, and other non-manufacturing environments.

Won’t you join us? If you haven’t yet implemented TWI, it’s time to discover TWI’s impact on standard work, a kaizen culture, and respect for people. And if you went to some of the early Summits, come back! You’ll be inspired to think even more deeply as you hear stories of how TWI is being used today. I guarantee you’ll see a depth not seen in those early years!

TWI Summit (and Lean HR Summit)
May 12-13, 2016
San Antonio, TX
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Dwayne A. Butcher
Lean Frontiers

NEW & Archived TWI Webinars


What is TWI, How Can It Help Get to Standard Work, and Why in the World Would I Want to Do That?
Dick Jackson, TWI Institute
Date: December 16, 2015 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

ARCHIVED WEBINAR: If you missed this groundbreaking webinar exploring the intersection of TWI and Toyota Kata, delivered by TWI Institute Senior Master Training, Patrick Graupp, find the archive here…
TWI and Kata: A Problem Solving Approach


Closing the Nation’s Skills Gap: Combining Training Within Industry Programs with Augmented Reality
NOTE: The following article was written by Glenn Marshall Newport News Shipbuilding (retired) AME Chair Manufacturing As A Career Path,

In an era in which education and training have never been more important for economic prosperity and success, the U.S. has fallen behind many other nations in educational attainment and achievement. Within the U.S., there is growing evidence of a “skills gap.”